Eleva Remote controlled R/F system

Eleva MultiDiagnost

Remote controlled R/F system

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The MultiDiagnost Eleva remote controlled R/F system, supports diagnoses and interventions on the same system. Clinical packages for ERCP, GI, orthopedics, pain management, trauma, urology, & vascular procedures are available.

Urology package || One system for all

Urology package for comfortable access to ROI

Urological interventions require the utmost flexibility from an X-ray system. The Urology package combines advanced radiographic functionality with dedicated urological tools to support fast and secure interventions. It provides comfortable access to the region of interest during ureteroscopy and superb imaging during urodynamics.
Eleva concept || Efficient workflow

Eleva concept streamlines workflow

The Eleva workspot combines static and dynamic applications from computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR) and radiography/fluoroscopy (RF). It supports flexible patient management such as the combination of DR and RF exams in one single study. Going beyond standard pre-sets, you can customize exam types and patient-reltaed parameters.
3D-RX reconstructions || Diagnostic confidence

3D-RX reconstructions support confident decisions

The complete 180° rotation range of MultiDiagnost Eleva with 3D-RX provides the necessary reconstruction data for superb, high resolution 3D image quality. These images are available within seconds. They give excellent insight into tortuous vasculature, complex structures, and other pathological processes.
Patient-centric design || Comfort and ease

Patient-centric design supports comfortable studies

The MultiDiagnost Eleva moves around patients so they can remain stationary, whether an AP, lateral, or oblique projection is required. Patients can remain comfortably in place throughout the examination, which can minimize movement artifacts and the need for retakes.
Pain Management package || One system for all

Pain Management package for extra comfort & accessibility

Patient comfort and examination flexibility is a must for pain management procedures. The Pain Management package provides extra support and flexible, high quality imaging for pain treatment procedures, such as myelograms, vertebroplasty and spine interventions.
Gastrointestinal package || One system for all

Gastrointestinal package for extra flexibility

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract can host a wide variety of diseases – in patients of all ages. Effective diagnosis and treatment requires the utmost flexibility from medical equipment. The Gastrointestinal package can visualize anatomy from any angle. Its dynamic video fluoroscopy can show the GI tract function in real time.
Orthopedic package || One system for all

Orthopedic package for fast, detailed insight

For orthopedic imaging, weight bearing imaging, dynamic fluoroscopy and 3D visualizations are key requirements for diagnostics, treatment and post-interventional evaluation. The special Orthopedics package provides fast and detailed anatomical insight for all your orthopedic examinations.
Vascular package || One system for all

Vascular package enhances visualization

For vascular diagnostics and interventions, conventional angiography is often required in addition to MR and CT angiography. Detailed visualization of complex vasculature from multiple viewing angles is key. The Vascular package provides high resolution digital subtraction images to support diagnosis and treatment planning, while 3D visualization provides additional insight.
Trauma package || One system for all

Trauma package supports instant decision making

Monitoring vital functions and obtaining a fast and accurate diagnosis without moving the patient is critical in the ER. The Trauma package lets you perform multiple diagnostic imaging procedures on one multipurpose X-ray system. It provides exceptional visibility to support you in making clinical decisions and treatment choices.

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